Labs / Centers

High Performance Computing Laboratory (HPCL)

The objective of the High Performance Computing Laboratory (HPCL) at GWU is to play an active role in the HPC community. In the area of Parallel Programming, GWU hosts the consortium website of the Unified Parallel C (UPC) langauage which the HPCL has been an active moderator and contributor since its creation. The HPCL is also actively involved in the DARPA HPCC and has been recognized by the community with awards and collaboration with various HPC companies such as SGI and IBM.

In the area of High Performance Reconfigurable Computing (HPRC), HPCL is involved with multiple well received projects such as the Reconfigurable Computing Machine (RCM) Library which has developed a large set of libraries in the ares of Cryptography, Image processing, Bioinformatics, and etc. The library is publically available at the RCLibrary website. More recently the HPCL has been awarded the NSF Center for High-Performance Reconfigurable Computing (CHREC), a joint collaboration with the University of Florida bringing together various Government, Industrial, and Research institutions to solve common goals in reconfigurable computing.

In the area of Architecture and Design the HPCL is involved in various projects with NASA and the Arctic Regional Supercomputing Center (ARSC) in developing solutions for Hyperspectral Imaging, SAR Imaging, Cloud Detection, Image Registration, and various other systems.